Private Lessons

Private lessons are provided for a monthly tuition. Our services are customizable to your budget and schedule, however the most basic tuition rates are based on once per week meeting, and the following durations. 

30 Minute Lessons - $110 per month

45 minute lessons - $147 per month

Hour lessons - $185 Per Month


Art of play is a full theatrical production class for children from kindergarten-8th grade. 

Consider this a registration into a theatre troop, where everyone will work with the final production in mind. 

Included will be things like set design, public speaking, acting/improv games, playwriting, and so much more!

The students will have 2 performances. 1 in midyear that will showcase all of the skills that your students have started to understand and incorporate. The second will be a full production by all of your students.

the cost is $45 per student per month, and there will also be a sibling discount for the multiple student families. 

Art of play will meet at our Little Rock School of the Arts stage on Wednesday nights from 4:10-5:10