What is the Little Rock School of the Arts?



What is the Little Rock School of the Arts?


We here at Little Rock School of the Arts strive to provide the best artistic and hands-on learning experience for students of all ages. We provide a variety of services to the greater Little Rock community such as guitar, voice, drums, brass, woodwind, and percussion lessons, as well a variety of dance and theatrical performance classes and seminars throughout the year. 

Our mission is to make the artistic dreams of all of our students a reality through excellent teaching, service, and relationships!

Our community here at LRSotA is not only built to be a community of students and teachers but a community of friends and family united in our goal to grow as individual artists and grow closer to each other as a family in the process.

We, as a faith based organization, strive to also connect our students with the saving grace of Jesus! Little Rock School of the Arts is an intentionally placed bridge ministry for Christ Little Rock, and share all the same mission and vision of connecting this Little Rock community with one another and with Christ!

The Art of Play is LRSotA’s children acting courses where students learn basic acting and performance skills over the entirety of the school year. We are confident that your student will come away from Art of Play with confidence in the following areas...

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Flexibility and Adaptability, Initiative and Self-Direction, Social and Cross-Cultural Skills, Productivity and Accountability, Leadership and Responsibility

A.O.P. promises to help prepare your child for scholarship and job interviews, class project presentations, and so much more!!


Our voice is an amazing instrument that we get to use every day! Here at LRSotA we provide the opportunity to master those voice skills through private or group lessons, and in our theatrical performance classes.



Whether you play drums, piano, brass, woodwinds, percussion, or strings we have an option for you! 

Join us in learning the fun art of PLAYING music with excellence, while getting to meet awesome people in the meantime!


We believe that God created us to be creators so we pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide to do just that!

Throughout the year we provide a variety of classes to inspire our students to create - from theatre arts to dance to painting and song writing.

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Supported By

Little Rock School of the Arts is a ministry of Christ Little Rock Church and School with the goal of reaching out to our neighbors to share the joy of music and to be a light in the lives of our community. This organization will be partnered closely with both Christ Little Rock and Christ Lutheran Schools to help benefit the growth of a thriving musical and learning environment and having the ability to share that with our community at the same time. 

To find out more about Christ Little Rock or Christ Lutheran School check out the links at the bottom of each page. 



From guitar and voice, to woodwind and brass we have lessons for all!


From guitar and voice, to woodwind and brass we have lessons for all!

Private and group lessons are a paid for month by month, or by semester. Our semesters are 16 weeks in duration which makes scheduling a breeze. However we understand the importance of having the month by month flexibility.

You will be billed prior to the beginning of your month, so we can safely guarantee the instructor's compensation. 


Guitar and Piano are two of the most widely sought after instruments for students to find instructors. Instructors are quickly and easily booked however we are saving a spot just for you! 




Clarinet is an essential instrument in today's classical symphonic bands, and guess what? We offer clarinet lessons! We will provide all of the teaching curriculum necessary to get the student proficient quickly!



If you can walk, you can dance! Dancing is a fun, stress relieving activity that everyone can try, building strength and confidence as you work together. We provide dance for a variety of ages and stages while never losing sight of the joy that dancing bring!




Bass guitar is the foundational low end instrument in all forms of music ranging from jazz to pop. To play this amazing instrument takes a perfect combination of rhythm and musical understanding. A perfect instrument for anyone who wants to groove along with the drummer!



Vocal lessons are a good way to find your true sound as a singer, and also can help to make sure that you are able to sing for ages to come. From your operatic singers, to choral singers, even your pop culture singers all of them have been sure to take voice lessons! 




Drum and percussion lessons are available for those who not only want to learn how to annihilate drum heads with sticks but to those who want to learn how to do that in rhythm. Our lessons vary from individual instruments like the snare drum or the bass drum, to the drum kit, and mallet percussion!




Drawing and Painting courses/lessons are available for those students who want to learn the beauty of the line, shape, color, and brush stroke! To capture beauty, interpret with your eye, and recreate with your own style and flavor is a skill that can't be passed up!

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Private and Group Lessons

DAnce, Instruments and Voice

We offer a wide variety of instruction in this "Lessons" category ranging from guitar and piano to violin and flute. We will arrange an instructor to meet your specific skill set requirements, and we will contract them out for you and choose a day of the week and time that works best for both parties. We run these lessons in a 16 week semester (following the holidays as they appear on the Christ Little Rock School) Each semester will end with a recital and each student will have the opportunity to showcase their semester of lessons. 

The Art of Play


Theatre Development for ELementary & jr highers

Art of Play is a Theatrical Skills Development class for Kindergarten through 8th grade that meets weekly on Wednesday early evening from 5-6 pm.  This class goes year round and costs $45 per month for the entirety of the school year following the School Calendar.  Included in their learning each Art of Play student will grow in their confidence and abilities to carry themselves on stage, and in their future endeavors. 

Music & Movement PLUS

introductory music for young kids

Musical skills are best learned in a fun, interactive environment through sing-alongs, dancing, rhythm play, listening and games.

Learn the FUNdamentals of music through play. This class is a great introduction to musical skills and creative thinking for ages 2-5.