SoTA (School of the Arts) is a ministry of Christ Little Rock Church and School in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our mission is to always be pointing our community towards our Savior Jesus Christ. We serve both our Church community here at Christ Little Rock and our community at large, walking on the journey along side all of our students as they strive to become experts in their their craft.

We believe that music, dance and the visual arts inspire people to pause, consider new ideas, opens our minds to new opportunities and challenges in this world. Our goal is to instill these skills and habits of the mind that can last a lifetime and shape the future of our students and our world! (perseverance, confidence, a focus on excellence, and the ability to analyze and overcome problems.)

More so, we believe that the arts serve as a foundational medium for reaching, engaging, and motivating people towards a deeper relationship with Jesus. To that end, we recognize God as the ultimate source of artistic expression and we seek to instill a passion in every student to utilize their artistic gifts to bring Him glory and honor!

We are entering our second school year of teaching in the Little Rock community and we are so excited to keep this program rolling along. We are very excited about expanding our arts programming into additional areas in the coming years and our vision is to be a complete arts school, offering music classes and lessons for all instruments, ensembles, art classes, pro audio engineering seminars, dance and the performing arts and so much more.  We hope that you and your family will partner with us as we continue to build and develop the artistic gifts of the next generation in the Little Rock community.




-Logan Brown

Director of LRSoTA



Responsibilities of ..


SCHOOL OF THE ARTS- Little Rock School of the Arts is an organization that has a responsibility to our clients, our students, our instructors, our community, and our Church and School.

…To our CLIENTS we hold the responsibility of providing a pleasing and seamless customer service. You can expect committed and consistent teaching, organized and regular billing, multiple simple payment methods, complete transparency in all business transactions, and a flexibility to consider any and all opinions concerning any of the above. We are here to provide an amazing experience for you and your students. At the beginning of the month you will be billed for the entirety of that month. (Example: January 1st will be the billing period for all 4 weeks in January) Your monies will be credited to your School of the Arts account, and in the event of a reschedule, or cancellation (pending advanced notice time is met), all extra monies will roll over to the next months billing where you will be credited back towards future lessons/classes/seminars.

…To our STUDENTS we hold the responsibility to provide and individualized learning plan unique to each student’s needs and desires. We will provide an experience that is pleasing to the student in every facet that we can control. This includes providing compatible personalities between students and instructors, helping students to achieve goals beyond their expectation, and guaranteeing a fun and satisfying learning environment.

…To our INSTRUCTORS we hold the responsibility of providing as consistent of a teaching experience as possible. We will resource the instructor with a sufficient instructing space, all utility and rent being covered, and any musical supplies that may be necessary to ensure a simple seamless teaching environment. Along with these things we vow to publicize all instructors and their skills and accomplishments on our organization website, cover all billing and scheduling, and provide a warm market to keep a schedule consistently filled and worth your time. Our goal is to cover all needs for our instructors so all they are responsible to show up, provide a good experience, and then have no concerns beyond that. 

…To our COMMUNITY we hold the responsibility of reaching out and providing these services at a competitive cost. We have noticed the need in this community for a program dedicated to the arts where students will not only experience amazing extra-curricular program, but a safe environment for them to spend their afternoons. Our goal is to be a hope in this community as we will open up our doors to people from all walks of life and do everything we can to get these students invested in this great program.

…To our CHURCH and SCHOOL we hold the responsibility of aligning ourselves with the missions and visions of spreading the word of God in all we do. To the School we hope to supplement the music and art programs through this individual instruction with the goal of making Christ Lutheran School competitive in the artistic front. And, to the Church we will keep Christ our Savior the center of our relationships with students and families with the goal of showing others His love through us. We are responsible to cover the agreed upon operating costs, and vow to connect our outreach efforts with those of Christ Little Rock Church and School. We will host recitals and events on our campuses to the end that we are getting more faced incorporated into the community of Christ Little Rock.

      CLIENTS- (Parents/guardians/students who assume the financial responsibility for the services rendered)

        As clients you are hereby assuming the financial responsibility for the students under your care. This means that you will be expected through your “registration contract” to make all payments in a timely fashion. You are responsible to keep open lines of communication with the School of the Arts Director concerning all financial constraints so that we can pursue possible scholarship possibilities. As the responsible party for your School of the Arts students you assume the responsibility for the punctuality of your student, and of clearly communicating any scheduling conflicts to your student’s instructor. If your student is tardy their lesson will still end at the agreed upon time, and the cost will NOT be prorated. The same applies for absences that the Instructor was not given the advanced notice of at least 24 hours. (It is courteous to the instructors to give as much notice as possible) If the lesson is ever canceled by the instructor you will be immediately credited the cost of the lesson in question. If outstanding balances remain for more than 1 month (without communicating and working with School of the Arts Director) your lessons will be subsequently be expired, and your time slot will be open for another student.


You are responsible to come prepared for each lesson, and willing to push beyond your own comfort zone. This means if you have been given a practice book or notebook you should bring all supplies with you for lesson time. Being prepared also means coming to lessons well practiced and ready to move forward towards your goals. Your behavior is expected to reflect kindness and respect towards your instructor. Your instructor reserves the right to ask you to leave the lesson (with your parents reimbursement) on account of behavior.


As an instructor you are responsible for the fun engaging and personalized teaching of your students. Your goal should be to have each student grow towards their musical goals, push beyond their expectations, and prepare at least one piece for an “end of the semester recital”. Seeing as we are directly affiliated with Christ Lutheran Church and School we ask that your instruction also be constructed in a way to keep your students stay connected in the musical endeavors of the Church and School. For example if a student participates in the schools band ensemble we ask that your instruction align with the goals of the band by working on the pieces and techniques necessary for them to excel in the ensemble. You are also responsible to communicate any scheduling conflicts with your students and families before the date of their lessons, and you are also responsible for communicating any missed lessons, make up lessons, or cancellations to the Director of the School of the Arts. You will be subject to a background check each calendar year, to ensure the safety of our students. And you agree to your contracted 85%-15% breakdown of income for Private Lessons as noted in your contract, as well as the 80%-20% breakdown for group lessons.


As a staff and as a congregation we ask that you be responsible to pray for all the students, instructors, and families of this bridge ministry so that we all feel the love and overwhelming support of Christ Little Rock. We ask that School of the Arts remain a constant presence in all major publicity, including but not limited to CLC and CLS Websites Facebook accounts, and written material, with the goal of connecting these ministry indefinitely.



Regular and prompt attendance is a critical factor in the environment and progress of each student’s development.  SoTA encourages students and responsible parties to make prompt and consistent SoTA attendance a priority.

If a student wishes to discontinue their group class or ensemble instruction, a 30-day written notice from the responsible party is recommended.  However, due to the nature of the class/ensemble learning environment, registration and class/ensemble fees are non-refundable. 



SoTA strictly adheres to the Christ Little Rock Church and School calendar and all lessons and classes will be scheduled accordingly.  Lessons and classes at SoTA will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for the student and the instructor.  It is the responsibility of the instructor to come to an agreement with the student on a regular lesson/class time.  All teaching times must also be coordinated through the Director of SoTA to ensure an organized calendar for the spaces utilized on our campuses is adhered to.



Private lesson students receive 16 lessons per semester (4-8 during the summer).  Group classes and ensembles will receive 12-16 classes per semester depending on the class or ensemble that is being offered.  SoTA coordinates its calendar in conjunction with the Shepherd of Desert Lutheran Church and School calendar.



SoTA is dedicated to seeing each student glorify God with their artistic gifts.  For that reason, we offer a myriad of opportunities for students to participate in that serve as a testament to their growth and gifting.  Growth opportunities including recitals, worship services, chapels, and galleries are great moments for family, friends, and the SoTA community to experience what the students have learned.  Growth opportunities are available throughout the year to students based on their instructors recommendation.



SoTA reserves the right to consider photographs or recordings taken of students and their works, families, and instructors during private lessons, classes and ensembles, and also growth opportunities to be permissible for publication in SoTA informational publications, including the web.  SoTA respects your privacy, and considers the responsible use of personal information.  SoTA will not share any personal information with other entities.