Hey everyone! Today is a great day for LRSotA because we are one step closer to getting our next semester kicked off! We just had an amazing work day this past weekend where we almost completely finished the painting in out Little Rock School of the Arts building! 

We do need a few things before we can get up and running completely so we figured we would empower anyone and everyone to help us out

We are in the market for 

5-8 large area rugs
10-15 stools
10-15 music stands
musical instruments of all types and varieties, (especially pianos 
keyboards, and guitars.)
2-3 boombox style cd/mp3 players
costume's for ages 5-9
lots of prayers and support. 
around 3,000 feet of black rubberized baseboards

If you see anything on the list that you now where we can get a good deal please let us know. We will also take donations towards specific pieces if you gravitate towards one area. 

if you have any questions or want to now how you can help further please contact our Director, Logan Brown via email... lbrown@clutheran.org

and don't forget to keep charing our website!


Thanks for all your help and support as we get this ministry off the ground!

-Little Rock School of the Arts executive team!