Arts and Crafts Birthdays are an amazing way to celebrate in a creative way! 

Check out the following options below. 

Drawing and Painting

With a drawing or painting track you can expect for a fun, interactive, hands on, creative learning experience for all involved. You can learn how to draw your favorite animals in detail while leaning about shading, lines, and texture. Or you could paint a beautiful scenery, flowers, trees, or even a customized picture of your choosing! 

All supplies are included for all students, and we need to have two weeks lead time before the party for any customized artwork. 

Your sessions will be lead by a trained artist, and each art session will be an hour and fifteen minutes long with breaks for party games and festivities. 

In the drawing and painting section your birthday boy or girl will receive a commemorative customized piece of memory art that ll the partygoers will participate in!